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What are Solar Street Lights?

Solar Street Lights are so named because they work with the help of Solar Energy. Solar Street Lights help to reduce the usage of non-renewable energy. Natural renewable energy can be used instead of non-renewable energy, since the former can be produced through a lot of means such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, geothermal, etc. Production of solar energy is also easy and that makes it an easily preferred choice of energy.

When there is shortage of power and renewable energy in some places, solar energy is an apt advanced technology that produces renewable energy. Solar Street Lights function with the help of Solar Energy. They get charged during the day when the sun is out working and photocells or timers help them to identify dusk and get switched on from dusk till dawn. They are well exposed on roads to the sun and so receiving solar energy is quite easy.

Some people have a wrong notion to believe that solar energy is only accessible by solar street lights. There exists a notion that only governments can afford to buy solar street lamps. This is far from the truth as they are relatively inexpensive. Almost with little to no maintenance cost, the running cost is also nil. Compared to other lights, they save power to a large extent which finally shows up in your annual electricity bill.

The solar street lights can also be used at public parks and in your private lawns and gardens. They will start to automatically light up after the dusk settles in. The power with which Solar Street Lights operate might range from 20 to 200 Watts that can be served by lead acid storage batteries. Lead acid storage batteries have a long life and deliver consistent performance under any circumstances. These solar street lamps work well under temperatures ranging between 25 and 65 degree Celsius.

Sunlight is received by the photoelectric panels during daytime and solar cells convert the solar energy into electrical energy. The solar panels have adequate number of solar cells to perform this job of converting the energy derived from sunlight into electrical energy. These processes make solar street lamps a reliable and effective technology that is easy to install, energy efficient, compatible with various environments, consistent in working, long lasting, low in maintenance, etc.

If you want your solar street lamps to work for long hours, you can configure the battery to store more power and provide more energy to the lights to make them work for about 10 to 15 hours a day. Since all the lights on the roads cannot be switched on manually or may not be switched on, on a daily basis, there need to be automatic controls to have them get switched on and off comfortably by themselves. It also cuts down on your manpower cost too. In India, cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Kerala, Pune and all other metropolitan cities such as Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, etc. use solar street lights while rural areas are fast catching up. Even traffic signals and national highways use the technology to regulate traffic and to enable working of SOS phones respectively.