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Why Ventilation is requiring?

Ventilation definition to inlet fresh air in to the building & exhaust hot air from building, for that we are using Exhaust fans, making hole in roof etc., As our traditional think that Ventilation is require in working area like building, Complex or room when we feel Heat. We knew that if hot air will accumulate discomfort would feel to human body. In our old system for ventilation, which are not give complete solution.

Due to the following reasons we needs ventilation to the working area:

  • Fresh air will mixed with Process heat in the building
  • Inlet air will mixed & heat with toxic fumes, particles etc.,
  • Inlet air will polluted with water heat etc.,
  • Inlet air will contaminated with mfg. & store materials.
  • Due to poor ventilation man power efficiency will decrease.

If we make hole in the roof which will give ventilation but will allow rainy water, dust etc. on this basic fundamental we developed our Most Economics Air Turbo Ventilator that will give Free of cost Ventilation to your Industries.

Air Turbo Ventilator Working Principle?

Air Turbo Ventilator is work on wind energy & allows natural air to the building & Exhaust hot. Which provide best ventilation with natural day lights & Fresh air for 24 hrs 365 Days, as we know that if difference of thermal or wind pressure between outside & inside the building that suck or force the air to move by Windop Air Turbo Ventilator Blades gaps, also when Windop air turbo ventilator will rotates & create negative pressure within the building which will act forced ventilation & maintain room temp.

Air Turbo Ventilator Proven Best & Installed in:

  • Textiles Industries
  • Engineering Industries
  • Power House/ Boiler House
  • Polymers & Powder Industries
  • Hotels & bar restaurants
  • Chemical Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Paint & Cements Industries

Air Turbo Ventilator Silent Features

  • No running & operating cost. It work on wind energy
  • No Electricity require to rotates
  • Latest & proven technology
  • Give free natural day lights to the building
  • Resist against extreme climate
  • Rigid to prevent against Cyclone etc
  • High quality raw materials used
  • Work on lowest wind also
  • Very light weight & reduce structural Cost
  • Protection from corrosion, leakages, rust
  • Due to non-Conventional devices, it qualifies to depreciation 80% in the section 32 of Indian incometax Act.
  • No maintenance & spares replacements cost
  • No Bearings use, self lubricants bushing used
  • Give free Ventilation for 24Hrs 365 Days to your industries
  • Light weight & durable construction
  • Maintenance free & one time investment
  • Easy to transport & install
  • Micro alignment for smooth rotation
  • Resin with U V Stabilizer
  • Fit to forget forever with optimize Out put
  • Aluminum blades with double edge groove
  • Different sizes & models available

Air Turbo Ventilator Benefits?

  • Avoid fire accident while reaction process of Industries
  • Reduce failure ratio of PLC, Drives & electronics Devices
  • Decrease maintenance & break down cost
  • Increase man power efficiency
  • Give natural air & Day lights
  • Work free of cost for 24Hrs, 365 days
  • Maintain Air Change Hour & run on low wind also
  • Reduce the room temp compare to Amp. Temp
  • Increase building construction life
  • Create comfort working conditioner area
  • Save Energy, reduce lighting & Exhaust fan use
  • Give free of cost ventilation & Exhaust System
  • Create neat & Dust free Working area

Air Turbo Ventilator FRP Venturi Dome

  • Offer different roof profiles & Colours Dome
  • Light weight & uniform distribution of light & rain water
  • Mfg. from best quality raw materials & resins with UV Stabilizer to protect against U.V. rays
  • Decorative & fire retardant » Suitable for any Industries climates